These are websites that are selling other schools products via their "BROKER or AGENT" site Great site for facilties pics of their schools
  NAME Selling Website
1 A2Z languages Selling: CPI intercultura, schoo of the world, Ilisa, D'Amore, COSI, Wayra
2 Academic programs International Selling: San Jose-Veritas & Icads, San Joaquim-SJFInstitute
3 Alitas Selling: various schools in Costa Rica
4 Amerispan Spanish Schools Costa Rica Selling: Flamingo-CPI, Jaco Aca. Tica, Manuel Antonio-Cosi, Santo domingo-Columbus
5 Apple lanuguages Spanish Schools Costa Rica Selling: Flamingo, Monteverd, San Joaquim-CPI, Samara-Intercultura, San Jose y M.A.-Cosi
6 Babylon-idiomas Selling: Dominical-AEC, Tamarindo, Turrialba, San Jose-Columbus
7 Bridgelinguatec Spanish Schools Costa Rica Selling: Monteverde, Flamingo, Heredia, MA, Samara, San Jose, Tamarindo
8 Cactus  Selling: Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Samara-intercultura
9 Center for Study Abroad international Selling: Coronado, San Jose y Veritas-CRLI?
10 Coined costa rica Selling: Tamarindo-Wayra, San Jose & MA-Cosi, Jaco aca. Tica, Monteverde & Flamingo-CPI
11 Costa Rican Spanish language schools Selling: Heredia, Jaco, Monteverde, Limon, San Jose Tamarindo and Turrialba
12 Destino agency Selling: Kalemx via this agencia???
13 Don quijote Selling :Coronado & Jaco-Aca. Tica, Heredia, Monteverde y Flamingo-CPI
14 Easy languages Selling: Cr only in prices and search
15 EDU Quality Selling: Coronado, Samara, Heredia
16 Educamia Selling:Tamarindo-Wayra, San Pedro-Ilisa, San Jose-Universal
17 Enforex Selling: Flamingo, Monteverde & Heredia-CPI Jaco & Coronado-Aca. Tica
18 Esl language studies abroad Selling: Jaco, Coronado-Aca.Tica, Santo Domingo-Columbus
19 Eurolingua Selling: San Jose-Personlized & Forester, San Pedro-Maximo, M.A.-D'Amore, Heredia & Samara-Intercultura
20 Full time out travel services Seeling: 5 options-Sjose & Tamarindo rest not listed
21 Global Discovery Selling: various Language schools in Costa Rica
22 Greenheart Travel, San Jose & Manuel Antonio Selling: San Jose and Manuel  Antonio
23 Het Andere Reizen Selling: Turrialba, Puerto viejo-Spanish by the river and sea
24 Idiomas & Adventure Selling: Don quijote
25 IMAC language programs Selling: Alajuela-Racho de espaņol, Jaco & Coronado-Aca. Tica, San Jose-IECR
26 Institue for spanish language studies Selling: Arenal, Turrialba & Dominical-AEC, San Pedro-Ilisa, Tamarindo-Coastal, Monteverde-CPI, heredia-Colombus, MA-?
27 Language bookings Selling: Turrialba- entre volcanes, Heredia-Amistad, San Jose-Maximonivel
28 Language Courses Abroad Spanish School Costa Rica-same tel numbers as APPLE Selling: Monteverde, Flamingo & Heredia-CPI, Samara-intercultura, San Jose-Cosi
29 Language courses Costa Rica Selling: 9 schools
30 Language in action-LIA Selling: MA & San Jose-Cosi, Santa Domingo-Columbus
31 Language liaison Selling: Heredia, MA, Dominical,San Jose+2, Santa Ana, Tamarindo, Turrialba
32 Language Link Spanish School Costa Rica-Intercultura Selling: Heredia & Samara-Intercultura, San Jose-Ilisa, Santa Ana-Conversa
33 Language Studies International-LSI  Selling: Coronado-Aca.Tica
34 Language vacations Selling: Flamingo& monteverde-CPI, Samara &Heredia -Intercultura, San Jose-COSI, Tamarindo??, MA??
35 Languages abroad Selling: San Jose+2
36 Languatica Selling: Tamarindo-Costal School
37 Latin immersion Selling: Tamarindo-Coastal, Coronado-Aca. Tica
38 Learn Spanish and more Selling: Dominical and Turrialba-AEC, Santan Ana-Coversa, San Jose-CRLA and Tamarindo-Coastal
39 Lingua Selling: Tamarindo-Coastal
40 Lingua Selling: San Jose, Ma-Cosi,  Los Yoses San Jose-Forester
41 Louise Harber Selling: Spanish school world wide
42 LSW Selling San Jose, Manuel Antonio-Cosi
43 Nacel Selling: Coronado-Aca.Tica
44 NRCSA Selling: Santa Ana-Conversa, Alajuela, MA, San Jose+2
45 SDSU students Selling: ICLC
46 Sol Abroad Selling: Atenas-Atesa, Heredia-"U"
47 Spanish abroad Selling: Tamarindo, Heredia, MA, Jaco, San Jose, Zapote
48 Spanish for sucess Selling: Tamarindo-Coastal, Turrialba & Dominical-AEC, San Jose & Manuel Antonio-Cosi, Samara & Heredia-Intercultura
49 Spanish in Latin America Selling: Don quijote see above
50 Spanish in the World Spanish Schools Costa Rica Selling: Coronado, Flamingo, Heredia, Monteverde, Jaco
51 Spanish Language Selling: Don quijote see above
52 Spanish study holidays Selling: San Joaquim, Monteverde, Flamingo-all CPI schools
53 Student globe Selling: Tamarindo-Coastal
54 Study global Selling: Heredia & Samara-Intercultura
55 Study Spanish Selling: Don quijote See above
56 Study Spanish  in Latin america Selling: Santo domingo, Tamarindo
57 Talk and trips Selling: Language schools around the world
58 The language and travel company Selling: San Joaquim, Monteverde, Flamingo-CPI, Samara-Intercultura, San Jose- Cosi