Misc Spanish schools around the world asking for links on our SSCR.net comparison chart site
Argentina Spanish in Argentina http://www.amautaspanish.com/destinations/argentina-11.html
Argentina Spanish in Argentina http://www.spanish-schools.com.ar/
Argentina Spanish in Argentina http://www.studyspanishargentina.com/
Argentina Spanish in Argentina http://www.spanishinargentina.org/
Ecuador Spanish in Ecuador http://www.galapagos.edu.ec/
Guatemala Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala http://www.spanish-language-school.org/
Peru Spanish in Peru http://www.amautaspanish.com/destinations/peru-10.html
Peru Spanish in Peru http://www.perulanguage.com/
Peru Spanish in Peru http://www.spanishinperu.com/
Peru Spanish in Peru http://www.wiracochaschool.org/
Spain Spanish in Spain http://learnspanishspain.50webs.com/
Spanish Learning online Colombians tutoring spanish  via skype and / free resources page where students can learn Spanish on their own for free http://www.1to1languages.com/
Spanish Learning online Learn Spanish with videos & online video magazine http://www.spanishlanguagelearning.com/